April 24, 2011

FeatherJewels featured in 8+ treasuries!

Now that the CraftCult widget generator is working again, here are all of the treasuries that FeatherJewels has been featured in. The most recent treasury list is at the top of this page and the earliest list is at the bottom. There is some amazing work from a lot of wonderful Etsy vendors here so please check all of these lovely lists out!

Enjoy! :)

The Feathery!

Finally I have enough sets of loose feathers posted that I can make a treasury out of them on Etsy.

Here it is! :)

On that page:

10 sets of Ringneck Pheasant feathers
4 huge Scarlet macaw tail feathers
2 sets of macaw feathers: Hyacinth, and Blue & Gold

Please check it out. :)

Silk Painting is fun!

I'm definitely going to try silk painting in the future... for now, here's a nice "tutorial" type video for all of us to enjoy.